A little bit of history about Amy Weaver Bryan

People often ask how I got into the art of basketry. My first response is that it is hereditary; my maiden name is Weaver! I started making baskets in October of 1997 and have been addicted ever since. My first basket was taught to me by my mother at her dining room table (she married into the weaver genes!). We sat at her table and passed my youngest, Daniel, who was only 2 months old, back and forth. My first basket was a recipe basket. I then started taking basket classes at my church. I have made over a 1000 baskets since.with many more to weave!

In February of 1998, I started teaching a group of 6 friends in my home once a month. I continue to teach that group as well as other school, scouts, or church groups.

I am trying to keep the "weaver" gene in the family. My boys, Andrew, Matthew and Daniel, have each made several baskets and like to help out. Even my husband, John, has tried to make one.

I am very blessed to have a very supportive husband who lets me weave, store reed, and put baskets anywhere I can find a place! I think he realizes that this is my "therapy"! I also thank my Lord, Jesus Christ, for giving me this gift and I hope to use it as he intended me.

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